Humble Lion

Yesterday, Eli helped me hand model for a few pictures that I needed for my wedding photography portfolio. Currently, I'm working on changing the layout and updating each page with my newest gigs. It's been a little bit hectic because I have so many ideas swirling in my head. Luckily, Eli eagerly offered her help and made the final result even better. I wanted a photo of some hands holding a notebook on a marble table and Humble Lion's new cafe on McGill street has the prettiest black marble table tops. Its decor reminds me of an earthier version of the Cafe St-Henri in Jean-Talon market. I love the gigantic vintage map of Montreal  and the moka color scheme. Lucky for us, the baristas made a mistake in their orders so we ended up with a free large iced latte. Needless to say, Eli and I both walked outta there jittery and didn't get much sleep last night. Totally worth it! 

Jess & Shelton's Canada Day

I met Jessica in undergrad: we worked together on a team project and really hit it off. After I graduated, Jess pursued her dreams to become a French chef at Le Cordon Bleu and travelled to South Korea for half of her apprenticeship. Sadly, adult life got into the way and it's been a while since our last hangout.... until 2 and a half months ago, when she announced that she was engaged and had less than 2 months to plan her wedding! I knew Jess had a crazy, thrill-seeking side to her but planning an Asian-Indian wedding from scratch within 2 months? That's pretty darn ambitious! But I gotta say, they pulled it off and had a beautiful ceremony and reception. Jess and Shelton celebrated their love on July 1st and it couldn't have been more fitting date for families of two cultures to merge together on Canada's 150th birthday.

Shelton and Jessica have known each other since high school but it wasn't until a few years ago that they started hanging out one on one and seeing each other in a different light. I always find it amazing to hear these types of stories. To think that our soulmate was right next to us this whole time :P It gives me goosebumps hihi!