A Serendipitous Encounter

Last summer, I received a Facebook message from Aaron out of the blue. We had no mutual friends (stranger danger?) and she found my website through a random post on a community page and loved my travel pictures so she decided to reach out. Our conversations flowed so easily as we talked about love, family and travel. We shared many of the same values and I couldn't believe my luck to have connected with her like that! 

Aaron met Christopher at a time where she had given up hope on love after a series of disappointments. After spotting him at a mutual friend's party, they became inseparable. But life wasn't all lemon squeezy and both of them went through trials and hardship as the years rolled by. One thing that didn't change was their unwavering support for each other through thick and thin. They were engaged for 9 years before finally tying the knot last Fall. Aaron told me that they were happy just being together but they wanted to make their family happy by getting hitched officially. They had a simple and intimate brunch wedding at Auberge des Gallants. What was supposed to be a beautiful sunny day turned out to be pouring cats and dogs but the weather didn't hamper their mood. Aaron and Christopher remained positive and upbeat throughout the day. They were just happy to be with each other and to be surrounded by their closest family, friends and beloved dogs. The way the two looked at each other melted my heart. It was with such fondness that I felt teary while shooting (haha I get emotional very quickly). It was such a pleasure working with these gentle souls :) 

Hot Cocoa for the Soul

Adrienne and I spent our Sunday morning booking accommodation for our trip to Mexico this upcoming Spring. Our accommodation ended up costing us less than $100 per person for a full week and we're just so stoked to stuff our faces with delicious street food and explore the colorful streets of San Miguel de Allende. To celebrate a productive morning, we walked to Cacao 70 factory for some delicious hot chocolate! We had the black sesame hot chocolate and it was really interesting. The taste reminded me of those black sesame soups you can get in Chinatown but with the texture of thin hot chocolate. I'm usually a big fan of black sesame but chocolate always trumps my heart so I preferred my traditional dark hot chocolate. I love the Cacao70 factory because it's such a cool space and they have the cutest products on display. Adrienne and I couldn't stop gushing over the adorable packaging!  

Playful Pregnancy Photoshoot

Two weeks ago, I had an impromptu pregnancy photoshoot with Ran and Sam. It's so amazing to think that over two years have passed since their wedding and now they are expecting a baby boy! How quickly time flies :O Gandalf the cat could sense that the baby bump is getting all the attention so he hogged the camera nonstop. Sad to break it to you kitty, but you'll have to get used to sharing the spotlight now. 
I really enjoy spending time with these two, they are so down-to-earth, generous and lighthearted. When I asked Ran and Sam if they had any hopes and wishes for their baby, they said that they wanted him to have a sense of humour and not to take life too seriously. Not surprising, we always have a good laugh whenever we gather together. I feel so joyful for their budding small family and we can't wait to welcome baby Quach into the world :)

"Do I really have to kiss the bump?" Yes you do!