Playful Pregnancy Photoshoot

Two weeks ago, I had an impromptu pregnancy photoshoot with Ran and Sam. It's so amazing to think that over two years have passed since their wedding and now they are expecting a baby boy! How quickly time flies :O Randalph the cat could sense that the baby bump is getting all the attention so he hogged the camera nonstop. Sad to break it to you kitty, but you'll have to get used to sharing the spotlight now. 
I really enjoy spending time with these two, they are so down-to-earth, generous and lighthearted. When I asked Ran and Sam if they had any hopes and wishes for their baby, they said that they wanted him to have a sense of humour and not to take life too seriously. Not surprising, we always have a good laugh whenever we gather together. I feel so joyful for their budding small family and we can't wait to welcome baby Quach into the world :)

"Do I really have to kiss the bump?" Yes you do!


For a while now, I've been waking up in the middle of the night with heart palpitations and a deep sense of loneliness. To distract myself from these negative feelings, I've been working a lot of overtime hours. So much so that I burned myself out and got sick. I'm recovering right now and decided to catch up with Adri over some coffee and croissant. I'm not sure how our conversation veered in this direction but she told me: "You know you can rely on us". I took a sip from my tea and replied: "I just don't want to burden you guys with my pain". I didn't want to cause unnecessary worries. That is, until Adri said something that completely changed my perspective. She said that if I didn't want to share my struggles with my closest friends, then they also felt like they could not share their struggles with me in fear of "burdening me". I had never thought about it in that way but it made a lot of sense.  By trying to keep things inside of myself, I inadvertently created a distance between me and those who cared about me. It's as if I was holding up a sign saying: "no thanks for your support! I can do this on my own." Now that I've realized this, I have to actively remind myself that it's okay to ask for help, to break down and to depend on others when the going gets tough.  That's what friends are for. Yeah, this post has nothing to do with the content of the photos but the realization happened at Automne Boulangerie.  

When It's Cold Out

"Ahhh it feels so good..." I think to myself as I sip from my cup of hot french vanilla. It's Monday morning and I'm sitting in a cute cafe, just relaxing. The winters are so brutal here that I've made a ritual of taking a day off during the winter months to refresh my spirit. Ginkgo cafe is the perfect place to escape the cold because it feels as if you've stepped out of the arctic and into a lush greenhouse. I was looking forward to order their delicious chocolate brioche but they didn't have it this time :( It's all good because the almond croissant was just as appetizing.  The warmth of the sunshine combined with a comfortable cup of coffee make for a great start of another work week!