Home is where the heart is

I cannot remember the last time I had a full week off to do nothing that I'm pinching myself to see if it really happened or if it was all an insane dream?! Due to some forces outside of our control, our family trip to China was cancelled at the last minute so I decided to make the most out of my staycation. Sadistic me woke up at 7AM on a Monday to visit a coffee shop (or two) and I was jittery with excitement because everyone was on their way to work but not me *cackles*!  You know that childish feeling of elation when you get first dibs on a freshly baked tray of chocolate chip cookies? Well that's how I felt about my Monday off... so warm and cozy like the cookies.
I took advantage of my time off to check out some new cafes that have popped up on my radar. Among the line-up is an Instagram-favourite cafe bar called Le Darling. Its eclectic decor reminds me of Le Majestique mixed with Suwu. They are newly opened and already the talk of the block.  I also visited Soupesoup because I've been really into macramé and they have the coolest macramé wall hanging ever! I'm thinking that if I have time this summer, I'd like to try and make my own macramé wall art. I bounced all over Montreal scouring for the most delicious pastries and I have to say, Libertine Bakehouse's pastries are quite the lookers with substance. It's funny, I used to not enjoy cafe hopping or visiting places by myself but this time it was different. I ate meals alone and even went to a spa by myself :) Maybe age has made me appreciate the luxury of alone time.

New Year in New York

The end of the year is always a blur for me because time passes too quickly! I can't believe it's already been two weeks since we took a trip to New York to celebrate Christmas and the passing of another year. Although I've been to New York many times, each time brings new memories and a greater appreciation for the city of dreams. This trip can be summed into the following: Henry's thundering snores, infectious laughter, endless desserts, several trips to Best Buy and Uniqlo and an amazing time with amazing friends. We visited the MET, the New Museum and watched a Broadway show. We had the most amazing Korean BBQ in Flushing and met up with our mutual friend Andy and had some "deep convos" over desserts. 2016 has been the most generous year of my life so far and I have a feeling that 2017 will be even better!