Eat, Chill and Repeat

Time really flies. Whether you are in a routine or on an adventure, I'm always bewildered by how fast the special and mundane moments of our lives flash by. It has already been two weeks since we came back from our trip to Spain and Portugal. I feel as if I need a vacation from my vacation because we had a pretty packed itinerary. The goal of our trip was to eat a lot of seafood, bask in the sunshine and forget about our life goals because who wants to think about *terror music* ZI FUTURE. All jokes aside, our trip was very comfortable and everything seemed to fall into its place in the end.  There were some minor mishaps (jumping off our train, losing some euros, having our bags zipped open) but clumsy moments are part of the journey. Instead of hostels, Miss Adri and I opted for a cool industrial loft Airbnb and we really enjoyed the experience! It felt as if we were living an ordinary life as a local.

Barcelona is a very agreeable city with lots of cute restaurants, cafes and shops.  Our first day was spent hitting the tourist sights: Sagrada Familia and Park G├╝ell. They definitely look better on postcards and Google Images but we felt obligated to have a glance at these well known landmarks. On our second day, we had such a big lunch + wine that we were both food drunk and drunk drunk. We spent the remaining day walking through the streets trying to sober up from stuffing ourselves. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing people >___<! On our third day, we hiked to the Montserrat Monasteries and the 360 degree view from its highest peak was breath taking. We ended our trip in Barcelona with a bike stroll along the marina and the beach :) 

Here are some places you should eat at when you visit Barcelona: 

La Bombeta - they have the most amazing fried potato balls drenched in delicious spicy sauce. You will never look at potatoes the same way again.
Bosque Palermo - their paella was so fresh and flavourful that I thought the shrimp was going to wiggle outta the rice. The portions are generous enough to keep us full for the rest of the day.
Mercat de la Boqueria - you gotta find the stall that sells the spicy meat flaked pastries because they taste like heaven. My mouth was so busy chewing that I didn't even get to take a photo. That's when you know business is real...when there is no picture evidence 'cause it was devoured too quickly.

La Lumiere du Mile End

Picking a good brunch spot on a Saturday morning always makes me break out in a sweat. The most popular brunch places always have a long line-up and waiting to eat is like attending a symphony starring my grumbling belly. That's why I asked Miss Adri to meet me as soon as La Lumiere du Mile End opened so that we did not have to wait.

La Lumiere du Mile End is a vegan restaurant and its ambiance reminds me of the inside of a cute artsy aunt's dining room. I especially liked the colorful paper cut outs dangling in the air. I ordered an avocado sandwich and Adri got a burrito and both dishes came with a handful tortilla chips as sides. I was feeling plain that day since I had eaten a ton of junk over the week so I liked my sandwich. I'm not quite sure if the dish was worth the price, perhaps if we had a side of salad instead of tortilla chips. If you're looking for a place where you can enjoy your brunch without being stared down by 10 hungry eyes waiting in line, then I would suggest you to try La Lumiere du Mile End.

I'm leaving for Portugal and Spain in 4 days with Miss Adri! This will be my first adult world vacation. I can't believe that I have been working straight since last summer. I used to skip class so often to sleep in (even though I lived on campus). Up until now, I have only missed one day of work. Time moves so quickly when you are working full time that I feel like a drone going through the same routine. I'm grateful for this little break to reflect on some important things and to enjoy a new environment. I'm very excited to write a guide for Spain and Portugal once I come back :-) Please look forward to it!