Sitting on the sidelines

Adrienne and I visited Cafe Mais Oui Mais Non a couple of weeks ago for a mid-week coffee date. This cafe is pretty far from our usual hangout spot but it was worth the visit. The cafe is divided into two floors and there is a cute shop connected to it. The first floor was already packed by the time we got there at 10:00am. The bottom floor looks like an antique store and their wash rooms play funny voices while you're making the bladder gladder. We steeped our tea and enjoyed a calm conversation before we each had to go to work.

Earlier this month, I helped train the new hires at work. I got to shadow them while they took calls and note down improvements and encouragements. That was pretty fun and made my work so much more relaxing. I'm back in training to gather another skill that I'm excited to apply! Life outside of school feels so different. Every week integrates seamlessly into the following week and you don't see the time flying. It has already been a year since I've been officially out of school and I don't miss it a single bit. Perhaps just the summer vacations ;)

Stay Gold

Two weeks ago, Adrienne asked me to tag along on a photo shoot during the golden hour. I excitedly agreed because I wanted to practice for a wedding gig this upcoming August.  Roselyne and Brandon were very shy at the beginning but as the scorching sun began to set, so did their reserve. 

Between the awkward giggles and nervous poses, we managed to capture a handful of quirky moments. This shoot made me realize how hard it is to set the mood for a couple. Sure, I can ask them to hold certain poses but if the couple is uneasy, it will show through the pictures.  Photography is not just about composing beautiful photos, it's about shining your subject in the best light (golden light ;-D). How do you make someone comfortable enough to express themselves openly? I still don't have the answers and I realize that this is a crucial challenge that I will have to surmount with time and experience.