No place in this house for us

After our haircuts, Adrienne and I stopped by Kitsuné Espresso Bar for some refreshments. Kitsune means fox in Japanese which explains the cute fox they have on their logo. 
About 10 people were enough to fill up all the seats in the house : X We decided to get a drink for take-out and come back another time to take better pictures/review their supposedly very rapid wifi connection X-D 

We weren't greeted by the guy behind the counter and after we ordered our drinks, we were told that they ran out of straws and he gave us a shrug : / Adrienne and I looked at each other, wondering what to do...drinking with an open cup while walking isn't the best idea when you're clumsy. So we just stood next to the garbage while sipping our drinks and invading people's privacies while taking pictures LOL 

Customer service, I'm disappointed! I believe the cafe owner was there too and since the cafe is near busy St-Laurent street, he could've walked to a pharmacy and gotten some straws =___=

I got a freshly squeezed juice and Adrienne got an iced coffee. 

My freshly squeezed juice in a tray of melted ice water! Oh the potential for microbial growth in that thang D; *thinks the girl who still drank it*!

Hey look, two free seats! Too bad it was too squished together .___. We didn't want the people eavesdropping on our conversation which would've gone something like this: 
Me: "I'm gonna complain about the straws on my blog!"
Adrienne: "This iced coffee tastes like any other coffee .___. "

So we just chilled next to the garbage : )

Adrienne and I were disappointed that we didn't get to sit down and chillax like we usually do when we visit coffee shops. 

As always, food remedies all disappointments so we went to Arepera, a Venezualan restaurant on Duluth street for some piping hot arepas! 

4050 Rue de Bullion coin Duluth

Big pieces of roasted pork swimming in hot sauce and guacamole, cuddled by hot corn flatbreads : ) I usually complain that there is not enough meat but this "little" sandwich had more than enough meat! It might look small but it fills you up : ) The only thing is that without the sauces, it can taste a bit dry, but the smell will have you salivating that you won't even notice ;D 

This restaurant is ideal for people with food restrictions and the place to go if you're up for some exotic gluten-free foods *calling all Celiacs*! The price is low too (under 10$) so you'll be sure to fill your belly without emptying your wallet!