About Lena

Hello! My name is Lena and I really like pandas. That's why I call myself Lenapanda :-P 
I'm a happy-go-lucky person that likes to capture bits and pieces of her daily life into a pictorial narrative.  

Originally, I  started my blog as a documentation of my daily outfits but it has since evolved into much more. The fashion component is still a huge part of my blog but I've included parts of my lifestyle as well. I like to explore my city, Montreal with the eyes of an enthusiastic tourist. I believe that there are hidden gems everywhere, you just have to open your mind to see them.  I hope that through my blog, readers can vicariously travel to all the places I bring them to. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, relax and enjoy reading my thoughts & blabbers!  

I'm open to criticism, suggestions, comments, anything that sparks a discussion!